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Did you know that when two equally hard-working athletes face-off, the winner is always the one who is more mentally skilled?

Not mentally tougher…mentally skilled.

As an athlete you are probably dealing, every second of your life, while training, recovering or competing, with some sort of mental/emotional stress or challenge.

This stress may come from the competition and your opponents and look like anxiety. It may come from the media, social media and other people and look like criticism. It may come from the closest members of your team and look like high expectations. It may also come from you and look like self-doubts.

Ultimately, this stress pushes you to constantly and obsessively ask yourself:

“How can I get 1% better? How? How?”

This stress is such that even though you achieved your childhood dream, you might be unhappy.

Even though people admire you, you might fall into depression.

Even though you train all the time, you might choke when pressure rises.

This means that if you don’t find out how to get 1% better…

You will suffer. And indirectly, so will your family.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution.

Let me introduce you to my Mental Performance Coaching services designed for athletes, a 1-on-1 customizable and proven methodology that will help you perform better, as fast and painless as possible, and enjoy higher levels of happiness and peace of mind.

A customizable and proven coaching strategy available in 3 formats: 5 Emails, 5 Calls or 5 Live Meetings, so that you can improve without spending a fortune, waiting weeks and/or going through long and deep sessions. This means you and I will go straight to the point. And you will improve faster.

A toolbox of performance tests to help you become a more complete athlete and improve in areas you never paid attention to before. This means you won’t ever let stupid obstacles hold you back anymore and you will become more than a mentally tough athlete, you will become mentally and emotionally skilled.

A leading approach to helping you train your mental skills and grow even if you don’t have any questions. This means no more unnecessary time off, no more suffering in-between scheduled sessions and you will improve faster, solve your challenges in no-time and be led towards success every single day.

Premium availability from your coach so you can rely on someone and ask your questions anytime. This means you will never wait more than 24 hours to get a reply and therefore you will improve, overcome and achieve faster.

Thanks to your coach’s unique individual experience, you will be inspired by real personal stories. This means no more cute advice that only work in books or that you can find elsewhere. You will receive unique advice that works in real life while being inspired by a motivational speaking champion.

Gregory, your coach lives in Tokyo, Japan, so you can benefit from very exclusive information if you’re competing in the next Olympic Games. This means no more being surprised by the environment and the conditions or getting sick at the last minute and crying over it after. Ultimately, you will be better prepared than anyone else.

Why should you pick Gregory as your coach?

Gregory Berge, your mental performance coach, is a 4-time college basketball national champion. Do you know many people who have won the same trophy 4 years in a row?

Gregory is also an award-winning medical therapist. His graduation thesis about ACL injuries granted him the 2007 Thesis of the year award. He worked in France, Canada and Japan where he became the first foreigner ever to be officially registered in his medical field, in Japan. Do you many people who are the first ever to accomplish something?

Gregory is a European champion of motivational speaking. Not only he is specialized in finding the words that make people take actions. He also knows in his body what mindset is required to excel under pressure.

Last but not least, Gregory accomplished an even more unique feat. He started the sport of triathlon as a complete beginner at 35 years old, and became professional only 4 years later, at 39 years old. When Gregory promises you fast results, he knows what he’s talking about.

You Don’t Know Gregory Yet? They Do.


“I was Gregory’s last triathlon coach when he was 39 years old. Together, we beat all his records. He definitely has the same mindset as elite athletes. He is not afraid to dream big and always carries with him a positive attitude.”

Sergio Santos, High-Performance Triathlon Coach and Technical Director of the Triathlon Brazil National Team



“There is truly something unique about Gregory. I saw him come back from 3 ACL surgeries to win 4 consecutive college basketball national titles, but also start the sport of triathlon at 35 years old to become professional at 39. If you choose to join him, it will be impossible for you not to get better, in terms of performance but also humanity.”

Alain Weisz, Basketball Coach of the French National Team, Silver Medalist during the 2000 Sydney Olympics



“When I saw Gregory win the European Championship of public speaking, I knew I had someone exceptional in front of me. Leader at heart, he will use powerful words, dramatic personal stories, and a caring attitude to help you become a better version of yourself.”

Siegfried Haack, Professional Speaker and Leadership Trainer

To start this new journey and benefit from:

  • A flexible and proven mental performance coaching strategy
  • Including a complete toolbox of performance tests
  • A coach with a leading approach, a unique individual experience, offering you a premium availability and living in Tokyo, a few steps away from the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games.

Your 3 coaching options are the following:

    • You email Gregory. Describe your current situation, your desired situation and the challenge in between. Gregory will email back within 24 hours.
    • Regular price: 250 euros.
    • Today: 200 euros. You save 50 euros.
    • You take 2 steps towards becoming The Best Athlete You Can Be.
    • You email Gregory to schedule your first 30-minute call through Skype or Whatsapp.
    • You receive a performance coaching form to fill-up before the call.
    • (Regular price: 500 EUR)
    •  Today: 400 euros. You save 100 euros.
    • You take 5 big steps towards becoming The Best Athlete You Can Be
    • You email Gregory to schedule your first 60-minute 1-on-1 meeting in Tokyo, Japan.
    • You receive a performance coaching form to fill-up before the meet.
    • (Regular price: 1000 EUR)
    •  Today: 800 euros. You save 200 euros.
    • You take 10 steps towards becoming The Best Athlete You Can Be.

If you are ready to make this investment in yourself, choose your coaching level below, make your payment and Gregory will come back to you personally in less than 24 hours to set you up and start as soon as possible.


Yes, you read right.

If you make your payment today and after 15 days or less feel that despite Gregory’s elite-level coaching and guidance, you are not truly satisfied, just say it and you will get 100% of your money back, no questions asked and no useless hard feelings.

Choose your coaching package below:

PS: The “sky” is not the only limit. There is this one too.

There are two reasons why human beings are unable to solve their problems.

The first is that they believe that with time, problems will solve themselves out.

The second is that they don’t allocate the proper amount of time to solving their problems.

Time is your limit.

It takes time to acquire a mental skill and it takes time to solve a challenge.

If you wait today, you are losing today. If you wait for a week, you are losing a week. If you contact Gregory today at, you are winning today.

And finally, let’s be honest, you can’t wait to be successful, you can’t wait for your dreams to come true, so why wait? There is no glory in waiting. Take action today and contact Gregory.


What if 4, 8 or 12 weeks from today, you were significantly closer to winning the competition you dream to win?

What if during that same competition you were able to perform at a clearly higher level?

And what if after that same competition, you and your loved ones were then able to enjoy all the rewards associated with it?

Would you want that?

Then take action today and choose your coaching option below.

I am with you,



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