My purpose is to be the person I craved to have by my side when I was a young boy.

Someone infinitely present, unconditionally supportive, ultimately knowledgeable, wise and successful.

In order to help athletes achieve their dreams of performance and happiness without suffering like I did, because even if pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

I grew up in a wonderful family where men loved sports, and where women loved arts.

When I was a baby boy, my sisters, my mother and I used to follow my brother and my father in endless tennis tournaments. That’s probably why everybody in my family fell in love with sports.

But when I turned 7 years old, all the men in my family, any masculine influence and sports mentorship disappeared.

My grandfather (former soccer player) past away. My brother (aspiring professional tennis player) moved away. And my father (professional tennis referee) divorced my mother.

That’s how I grew up with this sports dream, lonely inside of me, surrounded by women (my grandmother, my mother, and my sisters) who taught me all the great things in life, such as being able to love, able to listen to others, able to talk about emotional issues, etc, but not how to protect and cherish my sports dream.

This is why it rips my heart when I see a sad, helpless or lonely athlete.

This is why I have a new “favorite” team every 6 months. I rarely encourage the athlete whom I want to win. I always cheer for the athlete who is criticized.

Some athletes and high achievers say that they hate to lose more than they love to win. Similarly, it’s probable that I hate suffering more than I love sports.

However, I learned with years that to eradicate suffering and to be happy are two different things, and that winning and being happy are also two different things.

And this is another one of my challenges. Help athletes win more and faster. Yes. Help athletes win with as little suffering as possible. But also help them enjoy higher levels of happiness and peace of mind.

More joy + Higher quality of life + More happiness + More Peace.

This is my purpose with The Best Athlete You Can Be.